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Why Drinking Water Is So Important For Your Health

When it comes to staying healthy, the basics seem pretty obvious. Get out for exercise to keep our bodies and muscles active and strong, preferably out in the fresh air if at all possible. Eat a well balanced, healthy diet that contains all of the vital food groups in adequate ratios and proportions, thereby providing us with the energy and protein that we need to fuel our daily activities—all while making sure that our vitamin and mineral intake is also on point. And, of course, get plenty of sleep; we all know that a lack of sleep can make us grouchy, and being grouchy and stressed can in turn lead on to fatigue, illness, and depression. However, there is a key factor here that most people forget to refer to when thinking about things that help to keep us healthy—and that is the importance of water. Why Drinking Water is Essential Drinking water on a regular basis is hugely important for our overall health, for plenty of different reasons. Sadly, a lot of people don’t actually understand why this is. In turn, this also means that all too many of us are turning to a quick coffee fix to keep us powering through our day (regardless of how successfully this may be) and not giving our bodies the fresh water that they so desperately need to stay fit and healthy overall. So, why is drinking fresh water so important for your health anyway? How can drinking water help to promote overall health and happiness? The Importance of Water As one of the key elements required for us to stay hydrated and well, it is safe to say that water is absolutely essential for good health. In short, if you don’t drink enough water you will end up dead. But there is far more to water and its importance for your overall health than simply keeping you alive; indeed, fresh water is essential for your health overall, too. For one thing, it is important to note some of the essential functions that water carries out in our bodies. Water serves a key role in the plasma of our blood, helping to keep oxygen flowing around our bodies and supplying all of our muscles and organs with oxygen and nutrients to grow and thrive. Furthermore, water also serves to help flush toxins and waste products from our body through our excretory systems, meaning that a lack of water will also hinder this. Water is an absolutely essential molecule for our health. It has an important role in our bodies’ temperature regulation and is essential for allowing us to cool down in hot weather—and heat stress is a very real issue. Another thing that you may not realise is that being dehydrated may also make you feel hungry; as such, drinking plenty of water is important for making sure you don’t overeat—and, in our modern society where obesity is rampant, this is a goal which is becoming more and more vital for sure! In Summary Of course, it is still important to highlight the importance of water for, well, staying alive. A person can generally last for around two weeks without any food sustenance (if they have to), however, a lack of water will kill a person in a matter of days; 2 days without any access to water at all will kill you. Therefore, it’s still important to remember the importance of keeping yourself well nourished with fresh water—and it really isn’t such a surprise considering that our bodies are made up from approximately 70% water, too!