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Now It's The Time To Rethink Your Career

When we start out in the jobs market, it is natural that we are somewhere down at the bottom. After all, without experience in the workplace, how can we ever expect to immediately start anywhere but from square one? As time progresses and we gain experience, we then grow as a person and learn new skills through our experiences, which in turn allows us to progress in our careers and move up the ladder to greater positions within companies. This continual development gives us a goal to strive towards and so is a hugely important motivator for many people—and, perhaps, now could be a good time for you to consider rethinking your career and trying your hand at something new, or higher, than you are currently doing.

The Power of Motivation

Motivation is of massive importance in the workplace, and as such, it is absolutely essential that your current job role is offering you with what you need to remain happy in the position. There is an old business model referred to as Maslow’s Theory of Needs which details all of the different requirements that a worker has in order to feel happy and comfortable in their job; starting from the most basic requirements of shelter, food, and the like, these needs then become more complex as you go through the theory. This details the ‘progression’ of workers’ motivation: in order for workers to be fully motivated and happy with their position in a job role, they need to be given a huge number of different motivators. And, would you believe, among these requirements is the need to be respected in the workplace and the need to be challenged. Now, what does this mean for your current career position? Well, in short, promotion is key to our motivation. Promotion is a goal that the vast majority of us are always striving to achieve—to grow and progress up through the ranks. However, we also need to be challenged and given responsibility in order to be fully happy. And sometimes, that simply isn’t possible without changing job roles. So, could this be the case for you? Perhaps now is the time that you should be thinking about getting a new job role that can offer you with the progression you need to be happy.

Try a New Position

If you have the skills and experience, changing your current career by trying out a different, slightly higher up position could definitely be on the cards. A promotion within your current company or with a rival company is a great way to achieve this! Rising up through the ranks and gaining more respect and responsibility as you go is essential for keeping things interesting in the workplace. And there is nothing worse than a really dull job, now, is there?

Try a New Career!

Perhaps you have already reached the highest point possible in your current job, or maybe the job role no longer interests you. Heck, maybe it never even interested you in the first place! If you find yourself not enjoying your current career and unable to progress further, trying a different career may be the right step for you! A new career in a different niche will give you all new challenges to tackle and overcome and loads of new potential for the future—which should help you to enjoy your working life more as well!

To Change or not to Change

To change your career or to try to progress in your current career is entirely up to you. Just remember—it’s never worth getting fully burned out for a job, so think about your own happiness as much as possible to find that perfect career or role for you!