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5 Health Benefits Of Garlic Ginger, According To A Nutritionist

Loads of foods and herbs are getting more and more attention nowadays for the potential health benefits that they can offer, but these can sometimes be based more on rumors than fact. Garlic and ginger, however, are both food supplements that may actually have scientifically backed benefits and positives associated with them. As such, we’ve consulted a nutritionist to summarise some of the 6 top benefits of garlic and ginger!

What are Garlic & Ginger?

Garlic and ginger are both types of root plants that have been used for centuries, if not millenia, as a food flavoring and a herbal remedy. They have numerous health benefits too, and this makes them exceptionally popular choices for adding to a wide selection of different food products—both for their health and their flavoring benefits. Both are widely used in a selection of different recipes for both savory and sweet food products, and peculiarly enough, they also pair well together. This means that the health benefits of garlic and ginger are exceptionally easy to take advantage of!

The Health Benefits

There are many potential benefits of garlic and ginger, and this is also supported by numerous different research papers into the subject. Generally, these studies were carried out with garlic supplements, though; fresh garlic and ginger’s benefits are less widely studied. With that being said, the few studies that do exist into fresh garlic and ginger also suggest that the health benefits are applicable for fresh supplementation too! For one thing, lab studies suggest that garlic could have a number of potential antimicrobial properties. In other words, this could well mean that garlic is an important herb for helping to ensure general good health; potentially, it could be useful for helping your body fight back against budding viral and bacterial infections. Furthermore, there is plenty of evidence pointing to the gastrointestinal benefits that both garlic and ginger can offer for consumers. For one thing, it is worth noting that the antimicrobial properties of garlic could potentially help to fight against stomach ulcers, which can be major gastrointestinal issues for many people! Gastrointestinal ulcers are incredibly painful and can cause a plethora of issues themselves, and so avoiding these are naturally important goals to achieve. But that’s not the only gastrointestinal benefit of garlic and ginger supplementation in the diet. Indeed, garlic and ginger may also be useful for helping people to control their stomachs’ strength. Research indicates that ginger and garlic could be helpful for the control and management of nausea and vomiting. As for ginger specifically, ginger may also be beneficial for helping your stomach to empty itself. It achieves this through stimulating contractions of the stomach walls, which speed up digestion and allowing the stomach to not get backed up with contents. For people suffering from digestive disorders such as gastroparesis, this could be hugely beneficial. Furthermore, only 2 grams or so of fresh ginger are required to meet this goal! A final benefit of garlic and ginger supplementation in the diet is the potential benefits that this could have for the suppression of chemotherapy symptoms. Chemotherapy can take a real toll on the body, but it is widely believed that garlic and ginger may be effective for lowering chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting!

In Summary

There are many ways for you to get plenty of garlic and ginger into your diet, and these two go well together. Their health benefits could also make them a suitable addition to your diet. And so, it is worth considering how you could benefit from adding some more ginger and garlic to your daily diet!